Radeon Pro W7900

While the bulk of AMD’s Computex presentation was on CPUs and their Instinct lineup of dedicated AI accelerators, the company also has a small product refresh for the professional graphics and workstation AI crowd. AMD is releasing a dual-slot version of their high-end Radeon Pro W7900 card – aptly named the W7900 Dual Slot – with the intent being to improve compute density in workstations by making it possible to install 4 of the cards inside a single chassis. The release of a dual-slot version of the card comes after the original Radeon Pro W7900 was the first time AMD went with a larger, triple-slot form factor for their flagship workstation card. With the W7000 generation bringing an all-around increase in power consumption, pushing the...

AMD Announces Radeon Pro W7900 & W7800: RDNA 3 Comes To Workstation Cards

With their initial consumer desktop and mobile RDNA 3 graphics products now out the door, AMD today is turning their attention to the professional visualization market. The more lucrative...

31 by Ryan Smith on 4/13/2023

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