It’s hard to talk about gaming in 2017 without mentioning PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Joining me on The AnandTech Podcast today is Chris Dring, a veteran of games journalism, writer for almost 20 years, and an old high-school friend. This is a podcast I’ve wanted to do for a while: Chris has a unique insight into the gaming industry, having published an alarming number of magazines covering the industry and events such as E3, as well as interviewing most of the high-profile and indie elements of the UK games industry, so I wanted to pick his brain on the current state of a main driver of computing technology. In this podcast we talk about PUBG and the other gaming highlights of 2017, as well as a look towards what is in store for gaming in 2018, from both a hardware and software perspective.

The AnandTech Podcast #44: Gaming in 2017, 2018


Ian Cutress, Host
Senior Editor at AnandTech
Chris Dring

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Total Time:  55 minutes 27 seconds

Outline mm:ss

00:00 Start
01:19 What does a ‘Publisher’ journalist do?
03:13 Why this Podcast
03:57 PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG), GOTY 2017
07:00 Microsoft moving away from 'told' story based games
08:20 Creating stories through gameplay (with Sea of Thieves)
09:49 Nintendo Switch in 2017
12:59 Nintendo Switch in 2018
20:13 Microsoft and Sony in 2017
27:09 Next Consoles after PS4 / Xbox One X
35:11 Games in 2018
35:35 Rockstar and Red Dead Redemption 2
37:19 Other 2018 Key Titles, Listed
38:08 What Will Chris buy in 2018?
38:40 What Will Ian buy in 2018?
40:40 Tracking Gaming Hours
42:15 Reminiscing Old Gaming Stories: Perfect Dark vs Dark Sims
44:10 Winning Free Games at GameADay
45:50 The difficulty/ease of becoming a gaming or tech journalist
47:40 Aged 17, Meeting Shigeru Miyamoto in 2003
55:27 FIN

Left: Shigeru Miyamoto, Right: Ian Cutress, Aged 17

A Miyamoto Signature

For clarity, one 'quid' is a colloqual term for a British pound. '20 quid' = £20, or about USD$28.

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  • Stochastic - Saturday, January 27, 2018 - link

    This was a fun podcast to listen to, albeit not very informative for someone who follows the games and tech industries. I especially enjoyed you two reminiscing about meeting Miyamoto.

    If I had to bet on when we'll see next-gen systems right now, I would say probably 2020 or 2021. My guess is they'll be using a Ryzen 2/3 derivative and Navi on 7nm process, potentially using GDDR6 if it's not too cost prohibitive. The big question mark for me is whether next gen systems will continue using hard drives (I sure hope not) or hybrid hard drives with a NAND cache.
  • Stochastic - Saturday, January 27, 2018 - link

    There's also the question of whether backwards compatibility will be preserved (Microsoft seems to want to keep back compat, while as Mark Cerny has given indications that Sony might not), whether they'll use discs or go download only, and how strongly Microsoft and Sony are going to be pushing VR.
  • dylan522p - Sunday, January 28, 2018 - link

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  • Hifihedgehog - Sunday, January 28, 2018 - link

    My piece of advice if you are not a professional gamer and have the gift of patience: (1) short sell your card now; (2) watch the cryptocurrency bubble burst; (3) as a consequence, watch the graphics card market plummet right from under its feet (many agree that graphics card prices are the worst in history; naturally, the spring of the swing of the pendulum will be equally hard in the opposite direction), with prices on last- and next-gen cards dropping to next to nothing; (4) with the extra cash you earned from short selling your card, now purchase a next-gen card with GDDR6 and the best performance on the market.

    You can thank me later. Victory favors the patience.
  • Stochastic - Monday, January 29, 2018 - link

    You are risking not having a GPU for months and potentially most of 2018. No one knows when the crypto bubble will burst.
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  • Jon Tseng - Monday, January 29, 2018 - link

    WTF? Two AT podcasts in a fortnight?

    The world has gone truly mad!

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