With CES's media day nearing its completion, Intel is hosting the first live, on-site PC-related keynote of the day. Intel Client Computing Group head Michelle Johnston Holthaus is hosting what Intel is calling their "Intel Client Open House Keynote", which will be covering the many Intel CPU announcements of the day, as well as showcasing the equally numerous laptops and other devices that partners will be releasing over the coming days and weeks.

So come join us at 3:30pm for a look at the latest in client computing from Intel!

06:31PM EST - And wasting no time, here we go

06:31PM EST - Intel is starting things off with a Core Ultra branded promo video

06:32PM EST - And here's Michelle Holthaus

06:33PM EST - 3 key priorities for Intel

06:33PM EST - 1) Reimagining how they deliver key expierences

06:33PM EST - 2) Investing in driving forward the age of the AI PC (Core Ultra)

06:33PM EST - 3) Locking arms with the OS and IHV partners to deliver innovation across hardware and software

06:34PM EST - "We are kicking off 2024 with a bang"

06:34PM EST - Recapping today's new Core mobile processor announcements. 14th Gen Core HX for DTRs, and Core (Series 1) U-series for mainstream thin & light

06:34PM EST - Now transitioning to AI

06:34PM EST - "AI is everywhere"

06:35PM EST - Intel launched Core Ultra (Meteor Lake) last month. It's their first part with an NPU

06:35PM EST - Core Ultra is Intel's most power effiicient client processor ever

06:35PM EST - Up to 79% better than the competition

06:36PM EST - New CPU core (built on Intel 4) is up to 11% better than the competition

06:36PM EST - "Power. Performance. Graphics. And AI. And we have it all"

06:36PM EST - And thanking Intel's partners for helping to bring Core Ultra to life

06:37PM EST - Intel wants to bring AI to over 100 million systems by 2025

06:37PM EST - Showing a new, non-traditional device. The MSI Claw gaming handheld

06:38PM EST - Intel considers the handheld market a showcase for power efficiency

06:38PM EST - Also showing off a more traditional laptop with a unit from Samsung

06:38PM EST - 40% better battery life than the previous-generation Galaxy Book 3

06:39PM EST - Intel's partners will also be delivering EVO and vPro devices using Core Ultra chips

06:39PM EST - Intel will have a lot more to share about commercial offerings in the coming weeks

06:39PM EST - We can expect more than 750 device designs using the Core and Core Ultra processors

06:39PM EST - Many of them are already available at retail

06:40PM EST - AI is a "big, big" part of what makes Core Ultra so important

06:40PM EST - "AI has the potential to impact every aspect of our lives"

06:40PM EST - Intel is all-in on AI that benefits humanity

06:41PM EST - Generative AI in particular is going to "transform the PC"

06:41PM EST - AI PCs will be your complete personal assistant

06:41PM EST - All of which adds up to saving users' millions and millions of hours

06:42PM EST - Intel believes that the PC is at an inflection point. With external estimates of 19% of PCs shipping with AI capabilities this year

06:42PM EST - Using the CPU, GPU, and NPU together

06:42PM EST - "The true power of AI comes in seeing it in action"

06:43PM EST - (i.e. here come the partner demos)

06:43PM EST - Now on stage: Jim Johnson, SVP of Intel's client business group

06:43PM EST - Intel launched an AI acceleration program last month to help accelerate users' experiences

06:44PM EST - Now rolling a brief testamonial video from software partners

06:44PM EST - Now for some Microsoft Copilot demonstrations

06:45PM EST - Showcasing the Copilot (repurposed Menu) key on their Core Ultra notebook

06:45PM EST - Jim is having an image generated by a cloud server while also creating some code for him

06:46PM EST - Product demo: Omnibridge

06:47PM EST - Which is designed to help deaf users communicate

06:47PM EST - They're doing real-time sign language reading, as well as real-time voice transcription

06:48PM EST - With all of this being run on a Core Ultra laptop

06:48PM EST - "Cloud, and now done locally"

06:48PM EST - And now back to Michelle

06:49PM EST - (Stagehands are bringing out bottles of water. Must be chat time)

06:49PM EST - Now joining Michelle on stage, analyst Patrick Moorhead to talk about AI PCs

06:50PM EST - The hardware needs to be delivered now to get innovation moving with AI PCs

06:51PM EST - Moorhead is "calling a supercycle" starting later this year

06:51PM EST - Several more guests are joining them on stage, including executives from Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Microsoft

06:52PM EST - Commenting on how rare it is to get this collection of people together

06:52PM EST - The group represents 60% of the PC sales volume

06:53PM EST - Lenovo thinks 2024 is an inflection point for the PC industry

06:54PM EST - "AI PC will bring something completely new"

06:55PM EST - Lenovo is getting ready with what they think will be the broadest PC portfolio in the world

06:56PM EST - They're also confident that this will trigger an acceleration of the PC replacement cycle. And a moderate expansion of the TAM

06:56PM EST - HP is also very excited as well

06:56PM EST - "This is more than a PC revolution. This will be a computing revolution"

06:57PM EST - "There is so much we're going to invent and create together"

06:58PM EST - Meanwhile Dell reiterates the idea that it's an inflection point for the industry. Which brings ample opportunity for innovation

06:59PM EST - People are going to love their PCs with AI built into them

07:00PM EST - As for Microsoft, Copilot is anchoring their thinking

07:00PM EST - Copilot is the marquee experience

07:01PM EST - MS says they've received a "tremendous amount" of positive feedback on the key

07:01PM EST - And this is just the beginning

07:02PM EST - MS wants Windows (and PCs) to be the destination for the best AI experiences

07:02PM EST - Which means tweaking the OS to take advantage of both local and cloud resources

07:03PM EST - AI is great for consumers. Interesting for enterprises

07:04PM EST - Now for some new PC bragging

07:04PM EST - Dell starting with a new XPS system. These were announced at the end of last week

07:05PM EST - Edge-to-edge display, a non-physical capacitive function key row, and of course, Core Ultra CPUs

07:07PM EST - Now to HP with their latest Spectre laptop

07:07PM EST - Who wants to make PCs even more personal

07:07PM EST - Moving from a computing device to a personal companion

07:09PM EST - And Lenovo has brought a new Yoga Pro 9i. Their flagship, most powerful consumer device

07:10PM EST - 2kg, 16-inch device

07:12PM EST - Delivering AI PCs to users over the next year will take everyone on the stage; all of Intel's device and software partners

07:12PM EST - And that's a wrap on the chat session

07:12PM EST - Now, here's a quick look at what Intel will be bringing in the later half of the year

07:12PM EST - Arrow Lake coming later this year. First desktop Intel chip with an AI accelerator

07:13PM EST - Meanwhile the next-generation Lunar Lake is making good progress

07:13PM EST - Intel is promising significant IPC improvements in the CPU core, and 3x the AI perf on the GPU and the CPU

07:13PM EST - Already shipping samples to Intel's partners

07:14PM EST - Meanwhile Core Ultra is ramping now in the market. Shipped millions of units in the last few weeks

07:15PM EST - And that's a wrap on the client keynote. Thanks for joining us!

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  • GeoffreyA - Tuesday, January 9, 2024 - link

    Thanks. I'll add that the world is at a turning point, not only computers. AGI gets closer and closer.
  • Orfosaurio - Thursday, January 11, 2024 - link

    AGI is 'old news', the new will be ASI available to the "general public". And AI is not the only core of the current world revolution.
  • GeoffreyA - Thursday, January 11, 2024 - link

    I still think that the key development will be awareness or consciousness, which is not necessarily tied to intelligence.

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